Where To Display Your US DOT Number Sticker Decal On Your Commercial Vehicle or Semi Truck

Where do you put your US DOT Stickers?

You can place your DOT number stickers anywhere on each side of your commercial vehicle. The only requirement is that they should be clearly visible at a distance of 50 feet.

Do DOT Numbers have to be on the door?

No, your DOT numbers don't have to be on the door. They can be under the truck door, in the storage box area, on the side panel. All that matters is that they are clearly visible, see image below.

How big should a DOT Number be?

DOT number decal stickers should a minimum of 2 inches in height. They must contrast with the color of your commercial vehicle. Also, the must be clearly visible from at least 50 feet away in a clear font type. 

places to display your usdot number decal sticker on your commercial vehicle