What Color Should Your USDOT Number Be?

Everything relating to USDOT compliance is very important, especially the color of your USDOT number. Your USDOT number decal should contrast with the color of your commercial vehicle. Let’s say you have a white commercial truck, your USDOT number must be black, dark blue, or any color that is clearly visible. You need to avoid light colors such as yellow, light brown. Lighter colors will camouflage with the color of the vehicle and would be very difficult to see, unless your commercial vehicle is dark colored. Displaying your USDOT correctly is important for DOT inspectors, weight stations & the authorities.

Another reason why your USDOT number must be displayed correctly is for safety. If a motor carrier gets into a nasty accident and the authorities can’t find the USDOT number, this would only make things worse. Having a visible DOT number is crucial for compliance and response. If you have any questions regarding your numbers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


what color should your usdot number be on your commercial vehicle?