Instructions for Placing Your Order

Each of the Textboxes correspond to one of the templates’ lines.

Type your company name, city, state and each of your truck door regulation numbers in the provided boxes. Review. *Remember you can substitute any truck door regulation numbers into these templates. VIN, GVWR, USDOT, MC, KYU, TCP, TXDOT, etc.

Select your font & colors using the drop down menus

Primary & secondary colors are marked on the template, scroll through product images to verify the color markers.

* If you request a proof, you must provide a valid email at checkout to receive your proof.

Once you verify your information, check the box marked  Yes, My info is correct

If you need to add additional lines to your template, these lines will be placed below the template. provide the information in the following box: Note to graphic designer

Review EXTRA ADD-ON Options & modify Quantity before selecting add to cart.

A preview of your custom template order form will be added to your cart.

Provide Payment & Shipping information to complete your order.

instructions for placing your decal order