How You Should Display Your Regulations & What to Avoid (MUST READ)

Below is an example of how one should display their regulation numbers and how they shouldn’t display their regulation numbers. In this case, the “US” needs to be in front of the “DOT”. It should read “US DOT”. Another thing we need to point out here is how the CA number is displayed, in the image on the left, it was drawn into the cabin with a marker. Let’s say you’re delivering an important load for a customer and you show up with your regulation numbers written on. We don’t recommend drawing in a regulation number because it looks unprofessional and also because it can easily fade with the weather. Image this, your CA number fades from a strong rainstorm and you get pulled over by a CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officer and he asks you why aren’t you displaying your CA number? In reality, you were displaying your CA number but it faded off with the weather condition. You could face serious consequences and heavy fines. We recommend displaying your USDOT, CA and regulation numbers with a high-quality vinyl that can withstand time and extreme weather conditions. We often see USDOT numbers displayed with pieces of paper or cardboard, we strongly recommend AGAINST THIS, as this could cause potential legal problems. Check out our huge selection of regulation numbers and custom templates. You’ll be sure to find something for you.