How Does A USDOT Number Sticker Decal Look Like? How Big Does It Have To Be?

New truckers always ask us, how does a USDOT number look like? How big does it have to be? Where should it be placed? Is there a certain font that I need to use?

Below is an example of a custom 2-inch green USDOT Decal that is ready for placement. This USDOT decal will go on a white truck so it can stand out and look professional.

The minimum size to be compliant is 2-inch lettering, but we always recommend going larger. Your USDOT number needs to be placed on both sides of your commercial vehicle and it should be placed near the truck door, as long as it’s visible, it should be ok. The font we recommend you use is a strong, bold & professional font, so it’s clearly visible and legible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


usdot number example girl holding sign