How Big Should Your TXDOT Decal Be? | USDOT Decal Lettering Tips

Your TXDOT decal should be 2 inches or bigger in height and visible from at least 50 feet away. Different fonts may require different font sizes to be easily legible, so please keep this in mind before ordering your custom truck door decals. You need to display your TXDOT on both sides of your vehicle and ensure it is in a contrasting color to your vehicle to be DOT compliance. Always use dark colors for a white door - blue, black and dark grey are always great options, and light colors for a darker vehicle. We would recommend white, yellow, green, aqua, or fuchsia; silver or copper are also great options for a black door. You may even consider a two color template to accommodate a series of commercial regulation numbers; please keep these important regulations in mind before designing your custom truck door decals.