DOT or USDOT for Your Truck Decals?

Can’t figure out whether you should display DOT or USDOT? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most stores don’t carry a wide variety of letters or sizes for custom truck decals, and most customers are confused about which regulation numbers they’re required to display to be on the road.

Fist, if you’re looking for specific letters or a particular size for your custom semi truck lettering, look no further than USDOT Decals. We offer full customizability so you can find and receive exactly what you need without a frustrating hunt from hardware store to hardware store. And no more missing letters!

As for whether you need your DOT or your USDOT displayed, the answer is USDOT. Displaying your USDOT regulation number on your truck is 100% required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT offers warnings and then fines if you display the wrong number or display your US DOT incorrectly.

At USDOT Decals, we guarantee that your truck door “sticker” will look significantly better than the sub-par letters you will find at other stores. We have free 3-day shipping, and we make sure you order the correct regulation decal to meet vehicle code. We recommend placing your Company name, city, and USDOT regulation number on your doors as a minimum. USDOT Decals has a variety of curated packages to meet your specific needs. Stop wasting your time hopping from store to store and order a custom decal today!