Avoid Getting Stopped By DOT For Not Displaying Your USDOT Number Decals | Be DOT Compliant

When you’re in the transportation business, you want to make sure you are following all of the rules and regulations. The trucking industry is a heavily regulated business and you must adhere to all of these regulations.

The most important thing to display outside of your commercial vehicle is your unique USDOT numbers. This DOT number must be on both sides of your truck, it must be at least 2 inches in height (3 inch in New York) and it must contrast with the color of your vehicle.

If you are doing out of state transport, we highly recommend to display all of the information this is applicable to you such as your MC (Motor Carrier), GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), KYU (Kentucky), CA (CHP California) last 8 of your VIN.

You don’t want to give DOT or any scale worker any reason for an inspection. Be DOT compliant and avoid any troubles.


dot officer stopping semi truck for not having usdot decals