Are you USDOT Compliant? (Must Read For New Truckers)

Being a trucker is tough! From being away from your family to having mechanical issues on the road or facing a DOT blitz and getting a fine because you are not properly lettered.

Below is an example of a man holding a USDOT & State compliant sign. He is holding a 3-inch lettering USDOT compliant sign. The minimum required size for your authority name, USDOT, MC & GVW is 2-inch lettering and must be visible from at least 50 feet. In this case, bigger is better.

Why should your regulation numbers be 2 inches in height? Well in some states like Florida, there are scanners at truck scales that identify your USDOT, MC or any number that is applicable to you. If the video scanner can’t locate your numbers, you better believe that a Florida Highway Patrol will be pulling you over. Or let’s say you are getting inspected by a DOT officer and your numbers are not visible or not matching what is on the FMCSA database, you will be put out of service.

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man holding trucking usdot mc gvw sign